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Hair conditioners strengthen hair by creating a protective coating which helps prevent breakage, and promotes hair growth. Another benefit of using a conditioner is that it moisturises your hair, reduces frizz, makes it soft, smooth, and adds shine to your tresses.

There are four types of hair conditioner:

  • Cleansing conditioners – that also wash your scalp and hair. Cleansing conditioners help remove residue and build-up.
  • Rinse-out conditioners – close the cuticle scales of the hair and add moisture back into your hair and help detangling your hair.
  • Deep conditioners or hair masks – are treatments that will help hydrate, repair and nourish your hair.
  • Leave-in conditioners – help hydrate and soften dry strands making them more elastic and stronger, detangle your hair, reduce breakage, restore moisture, and tame frizz.

We’ve curated our selection of conditioners from the best professional brands in the haircare business, including KEVIN.MURPHY, OLAPLEX… Whether you’re after a conditioner to reduce frizz, repair, hydrate and counter-act damage, or to simply pamper your locks our hair conditioning range covers it all.

Got a question on which conditioner to buy – do ask your Déjà Vu stylist, we will be delighted to advise.